Non-fiction about wedding traditions from
around the world
There is one wedding — and seven bride’s grandmothers visiting from different parts of the world. These old ladies will tell us what they remember about their happiest day. The history of marriage and modern wedding traditions from all over the globe that are still observed today — all woven into a touching story of one girl’s wedding. But wait… How is it possible that one girl has as many as seven grandmothers and even from different countries? You will learn while reading this book…

Wedding traditions I refer to:
The longest wedding
Paints and sari
Fattened bride and beaten groom
Black dress and money dance
Unusual traditions of northern weddings
Red wedding
Bread — to all the head
Today I collect information for this book from documentaries and ethnographic works, but I will be happy to find an ethnographer as a research adviser or to collaborate with an ethnographic museum. The geography of the story can be narrowed or changed.
Technical information



64 pages

Book size


Readers’ age

300*226 mm

Book format

Book’s structure

Introductory spreads:
let’s get acquainted with our heroines

Who’s paying? Dowry and bride price

Who is a matchmaker?


Stag and hen parties

Wedding planning

Bride’s dress / Groom’s outfit

Church wedding / Marriage ceremony

Guests at a wedding

Feast for the world

The most famous weddings in history

From time immemorial:
ancient customs still observed today


Wedding music

Young couple’s dance


Children at a wedding

Bride’s bouquet

After a wedding

«I don’t want to marry, I want to study» /
Modern marriage

What if love is over?

Final chapter:
wedding anniversary for grandparents

End of story
In the end, we participate in the big family reunion. At her first wedding anniversary, the young wife welcomes all her grandmas — and they bring their husbands, her new grandpas!
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